About Us

The School of Hard Knox Martial Arts

Our main purpose at The School of Hard Knox Martial Arts is to build a family environment. Our philosophy is to use the martial arts as a tool to teach children about physical and mental life skills, which mold them and help them become successful human beings and real life champions. Our adult programs offer traditional martial arts, hand to hand combat, weaponry and fitness to help you achieve a superior level of fitness and self defense. We strive to teach our adult students to be physically fit, knowledgeable and aware of day to day life situations.

All of our classes are tailored to fit each individual's ability.

Training That Fits

Weither your goals are to train for fitness, self defense, self discipline, confidence, respect, self esteem, competition or fulfillment, you can find it as a student in the martial arts.

We believe that cross training in several or all of our systems is the absolute best way to receive the best physical and mental aspects there is to offer. One of the things that makes The School of Hard Knox Martial Arts specialty is that our martial arts training goes far beyond the kick, the punch, the lock or tap, we also place strong emphasis on the personal development of our students.

Make the Move

If you're looking for something that builds character, gives confidence, provides fitness, self defense to protect you or your family, teaches respect for yourself and others, something you carry with your for the rest of your life, then make the move and join us. It will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make for yourself or your children.


"We started at SOHK 3 years ago. We wanted William to gain confidence, respect and discipline, which he has, thanks to Sensei Heath. He has learned how to defend himself in a fun family environment. We are thankful to Sensei for his positive dojo environment."

                                  Katrina Johnson            

"I started training to learn to protect myself against a school bully. Now it's so much more, it's a way of life"

                                       Josh Mitchell                      

"Our desire to be the best led us to The School of Hard Knox. Through honor, discipline and integrity, Sensei Heath has shown us that that journey is just as important as the destination."

                          Robby and Aydan Eads                


Question: How many times a week do you recommend training?

As often as you can. We recommend twice a week for our youth. two reasons, The more your kids train the more confident they become and they progress steadily which keeps them more enthusiastic. Adults train as often as you can. We understand that you have a lot of personal and work demands. Training is self discipline as an adult.

Question: What does your fee include?

All regularly scheduled class for the students age group. Additional specialty classes such as completion class, advanced class and novice rank promotions.

Question: When can my child begin training?

At The School of Hard Knox it's 5 years old. As with any sport it depends on the child. Before beginning any program the child is evaluated in the classroom with an instructor on their ability to preform and the ability to train with the approiate age and size.

Question: Am I to old to take martial arts?

Usually age is not a deterrent at the School of Hard Knox. We want you to succeed at your goals. You work at your own pace. If you have specific restrictions, it is possible to adjust your program so you can still enjoy the benefits of class. 

Question: Will I learn anything that's practical for day to day use?

Absolutely! Self confidence to achieve anything you set out to do. Discipline and control for all that life has to throw at you. Respect for yourself and those around you. Fitness for endurance and staminia in work and play. SELF DEFENSE to protect you and your family if a situation should arise. Martial arts is not just something you do its something you live!

Question: Is Karate or JuJitsu dangerous?

Both Karate and JuJitsu are sports. They have various risk factors just like any other sport.  We do what we can to prevent serious injuries. We start you out with basic moves to increase in difficulty over time allowing your body to adapt and grow to meet the challenges.